Junior Mining Exploration

What does Junior Mining Exploration do?

Junior mining exploration is a company in search of deposits of gold, silver aluminum, or other precious metal. They are considered a growth stock, and it is important to note that these companies do not pay divides.

The valuation is unreasonable. The company trades at a cash discount, which is about one-third of the bank's cash value. Some companies have millions of ounces of gold deposits, and the transaction price is slightly higher than the amount of bank cash, and in some cases, even lower than the value of bank cash. The prices of physical gold and silver will eventually rise again. For anyone who has observed precious metals for a while, the reason is obvious. When the price of physical gold and silver increases, the stocks of the best exploration and junior mining exploration companies should perform better than physical gold. So take some time; do due diligence.
What is junior equity?

Junior equity is a junior stock issued by a company which ranks at the bottom of the front of the ladder. It's categorized in terms of structure and ownership. The common stock is referred to as junior equity because it is lower ranking to the preferred stock.
What is listing

Listing is an act by which the agent sells a property and retains as compensation the amount of the selling price which exceeds the specified sum. Mining prospectors in Ontario usually do this. An open listing is a listing which does not prevent the use of multiple agents or direct sale by the owner with no paid commission to an agent.